Good Eats, Great Seats

Second and Final batch of Chicago White Sox photos. Another exciting game, White Sox broke a 1-1 deadlock in the bottom of the 8th after an Alex Rios RBI double and a two-run homer by White Sox fan favorite Paul Konerko.

Batch one of Chicago White Sox Photos.

2nd and Final batch of Milwaukee Brewer Photos. Game ended 5-4 with a walk-off single in the 9th, fantastic sporting event.

Batch One of Milwaukee Brewers Photos

Here is the EXTREMELY DELAYED photos from the last baseball game I went to on my summer trip several weeks ago. It was a super exciting game with the Phillies taking the win on a walk off HR by Jim Thome in extra innings. Unfortunately I was stupid and let my camera run out of batteries in the 9th inning :( Enjoy!

Part 2!

Part 3!

Sorry for the lateness, I’m lazy. These are the photos from the Nationals - Orioles game I saw a couple weeks ago. There aren’t a lot of photos because there was some rain for a few innings and the lighting made it hard to get clear shots.

Here is the first batch of photos from the Tampa Bay Rays @ Washington Nationals game from June 21st. We had really good seats so I snapped a lot of photos, and it was a really nice looking ballpark as well.

Here is the second batch of Rays @ Nationals photos.